Many times in life we’re told to pick one thing, one choice that’s supposed to describe us, and embody everything about who we are But we’re all much more than a label.  Even when we see ourself as ‘mainly ___”, and are happy with that role, the richness of our beings still has many facets, many needs, and many styles.

My own style journey was originally inspired by my mother, and through the years, people and places, I’ve encountered many striking pieces in different styles, from different cultures. 

We’ve been selling online for several years, and now, I’m delighted to share these beautiful things with you, on our very own website, OURSTORY COLLECTIBLES.COM. I sincerely hope that some of these selections will help you tell your own style story.

Spend a little time browsing through our hand-picked pieces and collections. We think you’ll find items that help your Home tell a story that ‘s uniquely yours.

Thank you.

Kalimah Karim,Owner

                                     Your Home. Your Style. Your Story.