For some, this phrase seems like little more than the slogan of the week,  another new business rule, like social distancing, or a new tax code. For me however, this is a heartfelt sentiment reflecting my lifelong experiences as a Black American -- and the need for widespread change to end institutional Racism in our country.

Our Mission here at OURSTORY COLLECTIBLES is to help women make their home life better, and to enable positive choice in their daily lives. 

But how can life be better if you live with the real, constant fear that your child can be killed--without any consequences for the killer--because they were doing weird, suspicious,dangerous things like

Jogging or

Waiting for a tow truck or

Watching TV on the couch or

Lying in bed

Justice is not a politically correct hashtag for a day, a week, or even a month. In order for Racism to end, we as a country need to recognize that dismantling institutional racism and the culture that has created so many murders, and abuses, will take the sustained efforts of many, many people, of all colors, who demand an end to injustice, in large ways and small, today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and every day thereafter.

 Just like we brush our teeth and take a shower every day, every American needs to take a stand against Racism every day, because Black Lives Matter.