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VOLUME 1 Issue 2 June 1, 2020

We haven’t seen times quite like these before. So much loss,  so much change, but  also such a demonstration of our resilience. 

Many of us have spent far more time in our homes, for a longer period, than we could have ever imagined!

Even as we start to emerge back into the world, we’re looking at everything with new eyes.

Including the homes we recently looked at more than ever before.

We’re not suggesting you go out and redo every room, or even completely redo one room. But it could feel refreshing to change things up just a bit.

Why not try painting one wall as an accent wall...Create a new focus by arranging much loved objects together as a collection...They don’t have to match, in fact it’s sometimes more fun if they don’t...Display several things that are important to you, and make this the a focal point for your house or apartment.

We’re trying to do our part during these tough times by allocating the 2% we donate to charity from each sale to NO KID HUNGRY to help their efforts to feed America’s children during this pandemic and its aftermath.

And we’re trying to make things easier for you by offering 15% off any one total purchase of $75.00 or more. Just enter “CHILD” at checkout to receive 15% off your qualifying purchase.


And remember, standard domestic shipping is always Free, no minimum purchase required.

Please share a photo of how your new OURSTORY COLLECTIBLES purchase fits into your home, and tell us a bit about your ‘new normal’.  We can’t wait to hear from you and to get a glimpse of your style story.

Let’s each make tomorrow a little brighter.

With warmest regards,

Kalimah Karim, Owner


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